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With $millions in annual tape sales shipping to over 40 countries you know we can be depended on for great quality and prices.

Despite our name WE ARE NOT A BROKER, everything we sell, we own and ships from 1 location usually the same day... We Empower YOU to be the Best "Storage Media Broker" You Can Be!

We are a CA based company that supplies data tape media worldwide. We work ONLY with our reseller partners who are frustrated by loss of margins, under pressure because of competition, upset by buying and drop shipping product through vendors that are potential competitors, concerned with vendors passing off used tape as new and disappointed with vendors not having enough inventory.

“But, I don’t suppose you’re having problems in any of these areas, are you?”

Media Types Available:
LTO1,2,3,4,5,6,7 | AIT1,2,3,4,5 | AME2 | 3590J | 3590E | MLR,SLR | TR5,7 | VXA | DLT| 3480 | 3490e | 3590 | 3592 | 9840 | 9940 | T-10000 | QIC |  Optical | Cleaning Tapes 

Available with All Orders:
International Shipping | Labeling and Initialization | Photos of Products/Packaging  
Blind Drop Shipments | Payment Terms | Money Back Guarantee | Lifetime Product Warranty

We buy and sell a full line of Enterprise and Open Systems tape media, let me know what you need a quote on today.

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