Fuji LTO-2 Ultrium 200/400GB

Fuji LTO-2 Ultrium 100/200GB

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Fuji LTO-2 Ultrium 200/400GB

Manufacturer: Fuji
Mfr part #: 93827

Using Fujifilm's ATOMM (advanced super thin layer and high output metal media) tape coating technology, Fujifilm coats the PEN tape-base film, a substrate material, with an ultra-thin magnetic layer over a non-magnetic, lower layer. This creates an ultra-smooth platform for the tape's magnetic layer, resulting in improved head-to-media contact, further enhancing high-density recording.

  • Uncompressed Capacity: 200 GB
  • Compressed Capacity: 400GB
  • Transfer Rate: up to 80MB per second
  • Form Factor: Tape Cartridg